Revisiting the work I made at college and immediately afterwards has been a really interesting journey. As a course tutor foretold, I can see a lot more artistic value now in the installations, many of which have survived and matured, together with the photos taken at the time.

A lifelong interest in dens and small hiding places underpins my art which continues to depict a sense of 'alone-ness' and the potential for difficulties in communication. I believe this feeling affects most of us at some stage of our lives as we walk around, peering out of the body we inhabit, trying to make sense of the world around us.

University certainly taught me you can’t control exactly what a viewer perceives and takes away from any art. Each person has a different background so a piece will resonate in a different manner depending on their individual cultural and life experiences. This has been quite liberating, but it comes with a responsibility for the artist because each item, photo or word can and will affect the viewer's understanding.

With the passing of time and the addition of words, which I was unable to write at the time, this photographic record of five years' work has been pulled together into a cohesive whole. I hope you enjoy this retrospective showcase and experience meaningful resonances with your own life.

JoAnne Huntley 2015